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Why Are People Moving to Tennessee?

by Tori Lyczkowski on

A little while back I wrote a blog about Nashville’s rental market.

Read that blog here: Click here

After we published the article, and with the closing of another Nashville property we wanted to dive further into why people are moving to the Nashville area in general. 

After doing some research the top 3 reasons people are moving to Middle Tennessee are the following: 

  1. Tennessee has a strong economy with ample employment opportunities. 
    1. Vanderbilt University Medical Center & Children’s Hospital has 28,300 jobs
    2. HCA has 10,600 jobs
    3. Vanderbilt University has 8,822 jobs
    4. St. Thomas has 8,400 jobs
    5. Amazon has 5,000 jobs
  2. Affordability
    1. Tennessee has a lower cost of living
    2. There is a lower tax burden 
    3. Tennessee is said to be ideal for retirement. 
  3. Natural Beauty 
    1. We all know that Tennessee has a ton of natural beauty. The great smoky mountains, the Tennessee river, and the lookout mountain are just a few of the features. 

There are many other reasons why people are moving to Tennessee, while the biggest draw is still the job opportunities here.